Questbridge Scholarships

Different scholarships are available for the students who want to earn non-traditional college financial aid. One of these scholarships is the QuestBridge scholarships. The brightest students of America who belong to the low income families are connected by the QuestBridge with the leading institutions of higher education.

The selected students from the QuestBridge scholarship are offered a full ride to the college they match with, by QuestBridge National College Match Program. All the expenses are covered under the QuestBridge scholarship.


The QuestBridge scholarship started as the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program (SMYSP) in 1987. In 2004, after the founder of QuestBridge, Michael McCullough, realized that the Internet was a great tool to recruit promising low-income students, it evolved into QuestBridge program. The pool of partner schools has increased to 40 which comprises of the nation’s leading universities and liberal arts colleges, 12 years later. Over 7500 students who belong to low income families have been admitted and financial aid in the past 7 years.

Eligibility Criteria:

The students who wish to apply in the QuestBridge scholarship should read the following criteria to check their eligibility status

  • Applicant must be a U.S citizen, permanent resident or a high school student, regardless of the citizenship
  • High level of academic achievement is a plus to win the QuestBridge scholarship. Past finalists have obtained
  1. Primarily A’s in the courses most challenging of all (usually including Honors, AP, or IB level courses)
  2. scores of SAT or PSAT over 1310
  3. Score of ACT composite above 28
  4. Students have class rank in the top 5-10% of the graduating class
  5. Students have strong writing ability, intellectual spark, and sheer determination through essays and recommendation letters
  • The finalists of the QuestBridge scholarships come from the household whose yearly income is less than $65,000. Rental income, retirement distributions, and child support is included in it.

How Can You Apply for Questbridge Scholarship?

The students who are interested in applying for the QuestBridge scholarship should start collecting materials needed for the application. This includes:

  • Online application of national college match, which includes two essays and short answer questions
  • Two letters of recommendation from teachers in core academic subjects
  • A Secondary School Report from high school counselor of the student
  • A School Profile (optional, but recommended)
  • A high school transcript
  • Any standardized test scores. SAT and/or ACT test scores are highly recommended.

Applications are submitted by the end of September. Applicant will rank up to 12 college partners for consideration in October. If the applicants have been selected as the finalists, they will be notified in the end of October. Additional materials will be submitted by the applicants by then for the specific colleges they have ranked. The final results will be out in December and students would be able to pursue their studies without having to worry about the fee!


Last date to apply for the QuestBridge scholarship was 26 September 2020.

Applicants can apply for the QuestBridge scholarship by visiting their official website.



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